Will a cableway soon connect the most popular spots?

The idea of building such a cableway is not new. The first calls for this type of project could be heard already in 2014. The hope was that a cableway would further improve a tourist’s experience of the city and attract more visitors. The Minister for Planning at that time, John Day, ordered an analysis regarding the design, cost and function of such an installation from a Swiss company with an international presence.

After completion of the feasibility study, the experts described their findings in a 190-page-long report. The study confirmed that, with this type of technology, a connection could indeed be created between Kings Park and Elisabeth Quay which would be relatively simple to implement while creating the connection in any other way would be very difficult. Furthermore, the idea of a cableway was described by the experts as very “attractive” and a further extension by two stations all the way to Synergy Parkland was recommended.


But there were also voices opposing the project, among them the manager of Kings Park, Richard Simpson, who was convinced that construction of a cableway would have a negative effect on the park. The idea of an urban cableway was dismissed. It was newly put before the government only by the current Minister for Planning, Saffioti.

Fresh wind for an old plan

The cableway’s proponents described the project as a possible flagship for a unique experience in harmony with nature. They are convinced that an urban cableway ride along Perth’s coast would attract a lot of interest. All the more so because Australia has only a very few cableways of this type. Minister Saffioti confirmed in an interview that plans presented by private sector for such a project were being carefully examined by the government. It looks like, for the time being, the plan for a cableway is on the right track.