Vietnam - A country of cableways

(Just about) every cableway boasting world record

The longest route, the tallest tower, the greatest height differential – it seems that whenever a new cableway is built in Vietnam, it beats at least one existing world record. This South-Asian country boasts an amazing density of extraordinary cableway installations. Here is a quick overview.

Boasting the largest cable car cabins and the tallest cable car tower worldwide, the Ha Long Queen Cable Car crosses the famous Ha Long Bay.

With its height of 3,143 meters, Fansipan is Vietnam’s highest mountain. It is also an important travel destination, especially for the locals. The ascent through a jungle and partially steep terrain is quite demanding and it can take several days. Since February 2016, however, a spectacular triple-cable car by DOPPELMAYR goes up to the high plateau near the mountain top. As a result, even an untrained hiker’s dream to visit the “Indochina Rooftop” at least once can come true.


Each cabin can carry 30 people resulting in the cable car’s transport capacity of 2,000 persons per hour. It runs at a travel speed of eight meters per second.


During the nearly 15-minute ride, the 6,326-meter-long cableway conquers a height difference of 1,410 meters. This makes the 3S lift, called Fansipan Legend, the world‘s longest triple cable car after the recently opened 3S Hons Thom. Both records have been recognized by the Guinness World Records Organization.With its 5.8 kilometers in length, Bana Big Ropeway is the world’s longest mono-cableway. Photos: DOPPELMAYR

World’s Tallest Cable Car Tower

Ha Long Bay, visited by over six million people annually, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam and also a popular destination for locals. Not only does it host a new amusement park but it is also a UNESCO world natural heritage site thanks to the 1,600 limestone rocks that rise from the sea. Here, DOPPELMAYR’s new reversible gondola lift beats two world records at one go: both of its duplex cabins, each designed to carry 230 persons, are the world’s largest cable car cabins to date. With a travel speed of ten meters per second, Ha Long Queen Cable Car can transport some 2,000 persons per hour. The cables are supported by two towers, one of which - 188.88 meters tall - is the tallest cable car tower in the world.

The 3S-cable car Fansipan Legend climbing Vietnam’s highest mountain is the longest triple-cable gondola with the greatest height difference worldwide.

World’s Longest

At the beginning of April 2013, DOPPELMAYR opened the world’s longest detachable gondola lift. With a length of 5,801 meters from entrance to exit and a vertical rise of 1,369 meters, the Bana Big Ropeway beats all the existing mono-cable lifts. Each gondola offers space for ten persons and boasts an added comfort-enhancing feature – level access. The lift has a transport capacity of 1,500 persons per hour and a travel speed of six meters per second.

A current new record

On February 4, 2018, Doppelmayr opened the world’s longest ropeway. With a length of 7,899.9 meters, the Hòn Thơm 3S beats the record previously held by another 3S lift in Vietnam, the Fansipan Legend, by almost one and one-half kilometers. The route of the new tricable gondola lift crosses the sea and connects the vacation islands Phú Quốc and Hòn Thơm in the south of Vietnam. ts