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Funicular opens new opportunities in Vadistanbul

Some two billion euros have flowed into the development of Istanbul’s new city quarter, Vadistanbul, near the Galatasaray Stadium. As part of the project, you may also find here the largest office park in Turkey, spacious shopping centers, many private apartments and hotels. A funicular by BARTHOLET SEILBAHNEN, connecting the business and residential areas with the Istanbul Metro, was another important part of this giant project.

The funicular’s implementation was by no means an easy task for BARTHOLET SEILBAHNEN; after all, one must expect some difficulties at a building site of this size. “Planning the route alone was an interesting challenge,” explains the company’s vice-president, Thomas Spiegelberg. “The path rises, descends and bends and all that requires a particularly good cable guide system.” Another novelty is that all the onboard electronics, as well as the air-conditioning system, run on a Supercap battery so there are no electric rails.


The cabins’ entire lighting system, air-conditioning, ventilators, safety components, monitors, loudspeakers, etc. can also run on battery. And not only that: all these components are integrated and automated and the platform screen doors – also commissioned from BARTHOLET SEILBAHNEN – are automatically coordinated with the operation of the cableway. This world-wide recognized project represents an important step forward for BARTHOLET SEILBAHNEN in many respects: it is the first funicular cableway project implemented by the Swiss company and it could significantly expand its product portfolio.

The ascents, descents and bends along the route represented a special challenge for Bartholet Seilbahnen. Foto: BMF

Funicular istanbul

  • cableway type: funicular
  • inclined Lentgh: 750 m.
  • Vertical Rise: 40 m.
  • travel speed: 0-7 m/s
  • Capacity: 3.500 Pers./h
  • vehicles: 2 cars, each
  • for 250 Pers.
  • transit time: 2 min 29 s
  • control system: Nidec



And there is another notable fact: along with the company’s preceding project in Brest (FR), this funicular represents another urban installation alleviating a public transport network. Istanbul’s residents have been using it enthusiastically since the beginning of November.

Supercap batteries provide propulsion.


Each of the two cars offers space for 250 persons Fotos: BMF