Teufelberger cable in Berlin


Low maintenance, high durability and a complicated installation environment: Urban cable transport systems come with challenging requirements for their suspension and traction cables. Austrian cable manufacturer TEUFELBERGER has developed Solitec, a cable suited well to the challenges of urban traffic. Its most recent application is the gondola serving the international horticultural exhibition in Berlin, Germany. (Photo: C-Dominik)

Up to 3,000 passengers per hour are using the recently opened gondola across the horticultural exhibition grounds. The detachable 10-passenger gondola line starts at the exhibition’s main entrance near the “Neue Grottkauer Strasse” subway station to a viewpoint on Kienberg hill to Blumberger Damm. The line built by LEITNER ropeways crosses buildings, waters and gardens.

Cable installation with environmental constraints


Consideration for the vegetation made workers pull the auxiliary cable by hand and not use a helicopter. Using the auxiliary cable, they pulled a somewhat thicker cable, followed by one even heavier, and so on until finally the traction cable weighing several tons followed. The team performed the splice with extra speed and accuracy after connecting the cable ends to form an endless ring.


They untwisted the two cable ends, interlocked and twisted them. To finish installation work, the cable later suspending the carriers was put in place on the pulleys. “In urban installations where we frequently have to work above highways or residential areas, splicing is quite a challenge”, says Stefan Puchner, Director of the business unit cable transport systems at TEUFELBERGER.

Solitec: Low maintenance, high durability


The Solitec suspension and traction cable at the core of the horticultural exhibition gondola line is 3,340 meters (11,000 ft) in length. Solitec‘s particularly long lifespan supports urban installations that contrary to alpine installations are expected to run all year. The 5,000 annual operating hours expected for the Berlin urban line is about twice as much as for most lines in the mountains.


Aside of durability, long and above all predictable maintenance intervals are paramount. Standstills lasting several days pose intolerable financial risks to any operator of an urban line. A suspension and traction cable needs to facilitate precise planning of maintenance work. “We know that Solitec offers full support for precise maintenance scheduling”, Stefan Puchner is convinced. Following a decision in favor of TEUFELBERGER cables, maintenance is invariably part of the overall package. Ts