Steambeast – the dirt killer


The dream of a responsible citizen who cares about the cleanliness of his city, or a visitor who shows consideration for the beauty of the host town, is still alive. But it is just not visible in daily life.  Technology is needed to help us keep our public space attractive and hygienic. ZAUGG has newly defined such technology with its Steambeast.

Attentiveness is not a common quality in our time. This is becoming unpleasantly obvious also in (semi)public areas. Chewing-gum in carpets, cigarette-stubs, fast-food residue and used paper tissues “accidently fallen out of pockets and purses” contaminate these areas and rob the towns, cities, squares of their charm. A situations like this drives people away instead of inviting them to stay and relax.



It undermines the very concept of urban space developed by responsible parties. After all, what cities want is to offer their citizens, as well as visitors, a welcoming picture that makes them spend their time, as well as money, in the city.

This makes a good enough reason to start looking for the perfect technological helper in the area of city cleaning. Experts from the company ZAUGG from Eggiwil did just that. The result is a unique floor-cleaning technology with the name ZAUGG-Steambeast. The roadworthy vehicle is equipped with a specially-developed cleaning head on the front. It contains a rotating brush and removes, through hot low-pressure steam, all kinds of dirt from the floor. A suction bar behind the brush absorbs the discharged dirt and the remaining condensed water.

A multitude of uses

“Only very little water is needed to use the Steambeast to achieve very high performance on a very large area” says Rolf Egli who is responsible for communications at ZAUGG in Eggiwil. “The cleaning head and the assembly belonging to it have been built into a Meili VM 1300 type carrying vehicle adjusted especially for the Steambeast. It has a very impressive cleaning effect but, at the same time, it is very gentle to the cleaned surface.”

The carrying vehicle is a four-wheel municipal vehicle manufactured by Viktor Meili AG Schweiz, belonging to Euro 6 emission class. It is 135 centimeters wide, with 135 hp output and 2.2-tons load capacity. Cleaning with the ZAUGG-Steambeast installed on the vehicle is not only gentle but thanks to the thermo-mechanical process also very quiet. Depending on how badly soiled the surface is, the cleaned area can also be pre-treated; a mobile high-pressure cleaner can be attached for cleaning areas that are difficult to access.

The Steambeast can be utilized in a wide range of situations: from facility management to contractors, service providers, large companies, municipalities, airports, public transport, authorities, military, sports facilities, event halls, operation centers or shopping centers, they all can achieve better cleaning results more easily and cost-effectively thanks to the ZAUG-Steambeast. ah

The rear assembly is fixed to a tiltable support frame to secure the best possible access to the motor of the carrying vehicle. A combined tank is mounted on the support frame. Water heaters are bolted onto the diesel tank. The hydraulic movement functions of the cleaning head are provided directly by the vehicle hydraulics and controlled by the carrying vehicle’s operating features (e.g. joy-stick).

Equipment included

  • Euro 6-motor with particle filter and SCR-Cat with Adblue technology from motor factory + OBD
  • Fully galvanized chassis
  • Quick release plate VSS-B in front p4x4 connectable drive
  • Four-wheel steering
  • Differential lock in back
  • Hydrostatic service break
  • Stepped double spring-suspension for high driving stability and comfort
  • Central lubrication
  • Air-suspended driver seat
  • 6 hydraulic couplings in front
  • Joy-stick for hydraulic movement and with drive function
  • Creep mode
  • Tinted and heated panoramic front window
  • Adjustable warm-air vents for side windows and floor area
  • Openable roof hatch
  • Radio with USB
  • Sun visor
  • Rotating halogen beacon, removable
  • 1 reversing light
  •  Reversing camera
  • Vehicle tool kit