Smart Access Solutions in the field of Urban- & Touristic-Transport


The Salzburg based Axess AG is one of the leading companies and innovator when it comes to access management and ticketing. Two decades of know-how and more than 18.000 Smart GATES installed in over 50 countries are standing on the success list of the future-driven developers. Originally coming out of the ski- and mountain business segment, today the smart solutions of Axess are found as well in the fields of fairs and convention centers, stadia and arenas as well as pools and theme parks.


Urban and touristic areas are more and more counting on ropeways for mass transportation. Besides being able to move many people in short time with solid and reliable hardware having a smart software solution is getting more and more important. Flexible user features and a smooth integration into the hardware surrounding are playing a main role. In the future, the ‘internet of things’ will deal with that kind of integration and network. Big data coming out of specially defined sources will connect everything and will influence processes, products and services in all fields of access management.

Flexibility and mobility are indispensable


Although the ‚internet of things’ is showing up vaguely on the horizon the connection of hardware, software, services and people is already realized in the smart solutions of Axess systems. Looking at the speed of technological development companies must anticipate and think forward in time to be part of the future. 

The virtues of modularity and flexibility within product design were always important for Axess. “When you start developing a new product you will be overtaken by technological development nowadays. Only the one who can imagine the future and make his products flexible is able to deliver competitive products”, explains Oliver Suter, CSO and member of the board of Axess AG. Partner of Axess honor this and value the modularity of their systems where they can change modules themselves easily and be therefore always on latest standards.

Longtime Experiences

Digital ticketing and fast access without delays are appreciated in all touristic regions – more than that, they are expected. Because of that an experienced partner in customized solutions is necessary. “Like us the ropeway companies are also coming out of the alpine mountain market, where we do have a 20 years long experience. The challenges, problems and procedures are more or less the same as in urban transport. Therefore, we can guarantee our clients a very high level of product security”, ensures Oliver Suter.




Quick access to the  „Hungerbungbahn in Innsbruck“ thanks to AXESS

Project all over the world

Operators value this expertise and count on Axess. Projects like the “Hungerburgbahn” in Innsbruck or the “Festungsbahn” in Salzburg are local illustrative examples within this sector. On the international scene Axess is playing a fast growing role too: Between 2014 and 2015 Axess delivered 110 Smart GATES for the famous “Vaporetti” in Venice – where public transport is executed by boat. 




No more long waitingtimes at the famous „Salzburger Festungsbahn“





With the order of the “Loen Skylift” Axess got to deliver the complete access and ticketing system for this top attraction in the Fjord of Norway. The new pendulum railway transferrers visitors of Loen (0m) to the top of Hoven (1.011m) where they can enjoy a fabulous panoramic view over the Norwegian mountains, fjord and glaciers. Another project that just recently was acquired is the “Zwekanin” ropeway in Myanmar. That ropeway will transport visitors effortless to the cloister of Mount Zwekabin where you had to accomplish an exhausting two-hour hiking tour in former times.