Disney World Florida

Skyline for the happiest place in the world

Covering an area of approximately 15,000 hectares, Disney World Florida is not only about the size of San Francisco, but also secures the title of the largest amusement park in the world. With an annual number of visitors that even exceeds that of the Eiff el Tower about seven times, it is no wonder that the park can become very crowded. Especially during the parades you should therefore plan a little more time to get from one point to another.

But at Disney World, the fi rst steps to shorten the ways for visitors while still optain the “Disneymoment“ are already being taken. For this purpose, a special Disney cable car is plant to be built in Florida. The system will not only expand the existing transport system, but also allow a connection from certain Disney Hotels to the entrances of the Epcot theme park and the Disney Hollywood Studios.


In June, the fi rst CWA cabins for the three planned gondolas have been delivered to the amusement park. To match the corporate design of the park, Disney characters are featured on each cabin. The air-conditioned cabins are designed to accommodate ten people and simplify the transport in the park for the guests. The opening date for the Disney Skylinerhas not yet been fi xed but it is planed to open before 2019. This would mean that the construction time is set to be about two years.

Foto: Disney

Since the experience of the guests always comes fi rst for the park operators, one has decided to go for the most modern version of the gondola lifts. The new plant is designed with the powerful MDG system of the D-Line. As a result, the cable car industry in North America is soon to be equipped with a state-of-the-art showcase system Available.

Photos: Disney