SI Urban news flash

Operator agreement extended

Since its opening five years ago, the urban cable car Emirates Air Line in London has transported without accident 8.5 million passengers over more than 26,000 operating hours – all that with a 99,94 per cent availability. Experts from DCC are responsible for this exemplary business management of the installation.

Their great performance has persuaded also the customer, Transport for London, to extend the Operator Agreement for another five years in mid-June 2017. DCC will continue to manage the Emirates Air Line’s reliable and safe operation under the lead of MaceMacro.

From Downtown to Balboa Park


A new cableway is being discussed again in San Diego. It should soar above the Californian city’s roofs to Balboa Park. “I’m afraid that San Diego is so serious about this that we might forget all the fun,” says Ron Roberts, supervisor and advocate of the new cableway.

Howard Blackson, an urbanist, echoes the view. And students from the San Diego New School of Architecture and Design have joined in the discussion as well. The cableway should be 3.2 kilometers long, with four stations and a transit capacity of 2,400 people per hour. It should run every 12 minutes, at a maximum speed of 6 meters per second.


The estimated cost is 65 to 75 million dollars, the annual operational cost of up to 1.1 million dollars. Balboa Park offers its visitors various smaller parks, 15 museums on a park area of 490 hectares, and a ZOO, too.

Cableway as a last resort?

Brooklyn residents have received upsetting news. The Governor announced plans to repair the city railway tunnel beginning at the end of 2017. According to official estimates, it should take between one and three years before all the repair works are completed. Closing down the railway will affect between 300,000 and 350,000 public transport users daily.


With the population still in shock, Cable Propelled Transit (CPT) has presented the existing technological options. Cableways are being proposed as a replacement for railway tracks. A fixed air transport system would not solve all problems but it could greatly relieve the traffic burden. One thing is clear in New York: unlike many mass-transport technologies, CPT-systems could be built quickly and economically within a year.