Rossdale Power Plant as key stop for new gondola?

According to forecasts, Edmonton will grow by some 40 percent over the next twenty years. The Canadian city must therefore confront the same challenge faced by many other rapidly expanding cities: how do you create the space and infrastructure needed for so many people in as little time as possible?



One of the main areas affected by everyday traffic congestion is the section between Whyte Avenue and downtown Edmonton. The average driving time is currently around 20 minutes and growing longer.



A possible solution has been proposed in a report of the Edmonton Transit Advisory Board: an urban cableway.


The report describes the cableway as a flexible local transport solution which is fast, reliable, safe and cost-effective. In addition, this form of transport is also especially well-suited for geographically difficult areas, providing better access to the public transport network for people in locations otherwise difficult to reach.


The report further says that a gondola lift would be a perfect solution given the existing desire to increase the transport capacity between the River Valley, downtown Edmonton and Old Strathcona.

Prairie Sky Gondola Inc. has released a preliminary sketch of a station to be built near the Rossdale power plant.


Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, President and CEO of Prairie Sky Gondola Inc., believes the gondola is a unique way to demonstrate the history and character of the region."This station will be the heart and soul of our project," said Hansen-Carlson in a press release on Wednesday.According to Prairie Sky, the gondola that connects downtown Edmonton with Old Strathcona would transport nearly 4,000 people an hour.

 sketch: Prairie Sky Gondola Inc.


It was made clear that no public money should be invested for this Project.