Protected from snow and sea


No more communal vehicle corrosion thanks to sprays and fluids from Motorex


This is why the Swiss lubricant manufacturer MOTOREX has developed a longterm protective agent against corrosion. Available in spray or fluid applied to a treated surface, the substance “466” forms a durable, wax-like, extremely salt-water-resistant protective film with a great gripping power.

Extreme saltwater resistance

It preserves outside and inside storages for semi-finished and finished goods, hollow spaces, winter road maintenance vehicles, transporters, cleaning machines, road-sweepers, fire-fighting vehicles, as well as other vehicles utilized in communal, agricultural or urban-development areas. MOTOREX 466 is even suitable for hand tools employed at city building yards.


Preservation of communal vehicle fleets with the fluid or spray has many advantages. The vehicles are protected against corrosion over the long term. In addition, the application of the substance by staff is very simple. 466 forms a temperature-stable and non-sticky wax-like film with great gripping power that remains stable in temperatures of up to 120 degrees centigrade and exhibits an extreme salt-water resistance proved in a 10,000-hour-long salt spray test. What’s more, this anti-corrosion protection is compatible with all common surfaces.

Foolproof handling

The barium-free substance is very easy to use especially in the form of a spray. Before use, the tin needs to be well shaken, then the substance is sprayed on a cleaned and dry area from a distance of about 20 to 30 centimeters and the wax-like film is left to dry. The 466 spray is thixotropic which means it does not run or drip away when used on vertical surfaces. And finally, this anti- corrosion protectant can be easily removed with benzene or a high-pressure washer. ts