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Sigma Smart Air is much more than just the previously known compressed-air-systems service. Until now, maintenance was performed either in an unplanned way upon the customer’s request or at fixed time intervals. There was always the risk that, depending on the actual number of operating hours, maintenance was performed either too early or too late. Both meant additional costs for the operator.

With Sigma Smart Air, KAESER COMPRESSORS offers a service that guarantees predictive maintenance, as well as the highest possible energy-efficiency and compressed-air-supply availability to an unprecedented extent. The condition is that the compressed air station is “intelligent”, i.e. interconnected to the Ethernetbased Sigma Network and controlled by Sigma Air Manager 4.0, a control system for all types of machines.


Only then, can operating-, service- and energy-data regarding the compressed air facility be available in real time. Sigma Smart Air combines real-time data management with expert knowledge and predictive service, thus offering maximum compressed air supply and, at the same time, low life-cycle costs.

What is the principle behind Sigma Smart Air?

The physical world is connected with the virtual one by means of a structural model. Thus, parallel to the actual structure of each individual compressed air facility, its digital twin is created according to the needs of the operator. Through the real-time availability of operating data, the health of a compressed air facility can be monitored.


Thanks to that, possible disruptions can be foreseen and corresponding reparatory measures taken automatically. This finally leads to a clear reduction of compressed air production costs and a clear increase of compressed air availability. Furthermore, maintenance can be perfectly timed whenever needed. This saves, among others, costs related to procurement, training, logistics, maintenance and staff.


Sigma Smart Air also guarantees the highest cost-transparency throughout the entire life-cycle. Moreover, Sigma Smart Air includes also the monitoring of key figures such as service costs, reserves and specific output. Energy- and life-cycle-management of the compressed air station throughout the entire life cycle is possible, too. The always up-to-date key figures from the energy data available from a single source also form the basis for energy-management under ISO 50001.