Passenger recovery:

Treacherous, Difficult and Intricate

Flat cable fields, counter inclinations or access blocked by streets and buildings: Passenger recovery from urban cable transport is treacherous, difficult and intricate. Rescue system specialist IMMOOS has now developed the SS1 cable carriage, a tool facilitating fast and effective recovery.

What happens when due to technical problems or other causes a cable transport system suffers a standstill and cannot resume normal operations?  Although in many instances of technical problems passenger recovery may not be required, operators need to be ready for the worst case. In many countries, there are clear legal requirements as to when passengers need to be recovered.

Recovery along traction cable


Successful rescue operations require a well thought-out and clearly structured organization. Urban transport systems operate in conditions quite different from those serving rural areas such as ski resorts. Inhabited settlements with buildings and streets below the line make it difficult to access the vehicles. Moreover, in many instances passengers cannot be rescued by rappelling. They need to be recovered along the traction cable. 


For recovery operations in difficult situations such as this, rescue system specialist IMMOOS has developed the ideal rescue gear, the self-propelled SS1 cable carriage. Without assistance from a second person, a rescuer can get to the blocked cabins or vehicles. If equipped with the optional power drive, the SS1 can even travel even or inclined cable fields

SS1 is the ideal rescue system


While in alpine cable transport lines even or counter-inclined cable fields are rare and far between, they are frequent features of urban applications. Standard cable carriages cannot be used there. The SS1 cable carriage can because it can be fitted with a power drive enabling it to go up slopes as steep as 1 : 5.

Even in cases where passengers cannot be rescued by vertical or slanted rappelling, the motor-driven version of the SS1 proves an ideal rescue system. A rescuer can recover passengers using matching auxiliary gear.

IMMOOS also offers potentially suitable solutions involving winches. With its long years of experience in the field of cable transport rescue systems, IMMOOS is the partner of choice for planning and implementing the optimal solution. ts