Only the best for the urban funiculars in Biel/Bienne

Since the end of the 19th century, they are a natural part of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, landmarks with a high emotional value for the population. The funiculars run from Biel Evilard to Leubingen and from Biel Seevorstadt to Magglingen. They are taken care of and looked after well and, all thanks to MOTOREX, they are perfectly lubricated at all times of year.

Since 1887, a funicular has been running up from Biel Seevorstadt 212 to Magglingen. Shortly afterwards, in 1898, another line was opened from Evilard to Leubringen. Since then, both lines take passengers from the upper residential areas to Biel’s center. They are indispensable installations for commuters today. Magglingen also attracts large numbers of sportspeople and tourists who work out in the sports facilities there or enjoy gorgeous views during mountainside walks.


“For Biel, these two lines are vitally important traffic arteries. They prevent traffic jams and they are comfortable, safe and highly available. For us, this means a permanent maintenance requirement“, says Raphael Schlup, Technical Director of Biel Transport, cable transport section. His team trusts in the quality provided by Swiss manufacturer MOTOREX. “We are using a wide variety of products for many applications and our experiences were nothing but positive”, he says. This is not the only reason, though, for which Biel Transport have been preferring MOTOREX for decades. “We are also very happy with the service and support. Every year, for instance, we submit oil samples for laboratory testing so we can rest assured that our funiculars are perfectly lubricated.” Saying this, Raphael Schlup confirms that MOTOREX lubricants are reliable partners not only in chilly alpine regions but also in urban applications.

Raphael Schlup Technical Direcotr, Biel Transport, cable transport cestion


We use MOTOREX products in the care of all parts of our funiculars requiring particularly intense maintenance. From gears to hydraulics, drives, pulleys, bearings, rail lubrication: For decades, we have been trusting in this Swiss quality. It is not only the product that is perfect for us, but also MOTOREX service. It is fast, attentive and very efficient.