Let the toboggan

fun run free

Wiegand, a mid-sized family owned business located in Rasdorf, Germany, has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing as well as operating coasters that afford riders with lots of action-based fun. Wiegand has 270 employees. Subsidiaries in China and the US help further improve the company’s leading position. 


Safe and easy to use


Aside of the coaster’s aptness for all kinds of weather, vitally important aspects are comfort and safety. Wiegand has repeatedly been setting new standards to keep up with more and more demanding market requirements. The Alpine Coaster chutes can now be equipped with front and back lights to facilitate operations at night. The rear lamps double as braking lights.

The new curved braking levers allow safe and easy use without riders changing their seating position. This is particularly helpful for shorter persons.
A particularly important feature is the use of a belt buckle locking and ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) safety belts. Belt buckle locking prevents the belt buckle from opening unintentionally, particularly during rides.


The lock is released automatically when the chute enters the station area. ALR safety belts are automatic retractors locking immediately after the belt is fastened. Riders on a WIEGAND Alpine Coaster actively take part in the sliding process by individually influencing the chute’s speed. That’s just what makes tobogganing a thrill. This freedom of decision comes with the chance that riders misjudge the situation, overestimating their skills.




Let the toboggan fun run free - on the all-weather WIEGAND Alpine Coaster toboggan slide or on the classic gutter-sharped dry toboggan run



New distance control

We counteract this risk with a new distance control. Utilizing magnetic eddy currents, this electronic system is entirely nonwearing and can be used in all kinds of weather.

Using sensors, the position information of all chutes is recorded and compared via radio to that of the leading and following chutes. If and when the distance falls below the 25 meter (82 ft) minimum, the following chute is automatically slowed down until the permissible minimum distance to the leading chute is reestablished. This distance control system is also used as a limiting brake to assure compliance with the 40 kph (25 mph) speed limit and to stop the chutes at the end of the line.

All the bad-weather features Wiegand coasters are equipped with can, however, not relieve riders of their obligation to use the chutes in an active, anticipatory and responsible way (cg)