The new Rolba R500 von Zaugg

Innovation in all facets

The new self-propelled snow blower Rolba R500 from ZAUGG may be adjusted to the customer’s needs thanks to different clearing widths. Moreover, various methods of snow ejection can be selected – the efficient direct ejection, a snow output chimney with 2 or 4 flaps or a telescopic chimney. If needed, the blower can also be fit for alternating use. The variable ejection range can reach up to 40 meters. The vehicle, 5.46 meters long, has only one turning radius of 480 centimeters enabled by an innovative steering concept with front-wheel steer, rear-wheel steer, all-wheel steer and crab steer.

The new self-propelled snow blower from ZAUGG.


The blower is thus especially agile and well-maneuverable. It can reach a clearing capacity up to 1,800 tons per hour depending on the configuration and the existing snow conditions.

Powerful motorization

The 170 kW MTU diesel engine can accelerate the blower’s eight tons of weight to a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The vehicle’s engine emission class EuroMot V complies with the latest statutory requirements for emission levels. The continuous hydrostatic propulsion with a speed control function and two mechanical cutting planes increase driving comfort. A hydraulic, backward foldable engine bonnet provides better access to the engine compartment and makes maintenance of the vehicle easier.

High-performance blower

Rolba R500 is equipped with the SF 90- 100 blower from ZAUGG. Its two-stage mechanical drive is controlled with a joystick. The customer can choose from four different widths. Snow layers up to 130 cm high can be conquered in a single pass. The cutting reels and fan blower are secured by a disengagement clutch. And what is especially practical: the cutter’s rotation direction can be reversed, for example if jammed parts need to be removed. The snow blower is connected to the vehicle by means of a 3-point lift system whereby the apparatus is eased and more precise ground adjustment and better vibration damping is enabled.

Comfortable cabin fit-out

The double-cab is highly comfortable thanks to hydraulic suspension. Sound isolation guarantees protection from noise and the interior is ergonomic and user-friendly. The main functions, including hydraulic functions of the cutter, the speed control function and propulsion, are controlled with a joystick. The driving direction – forward or backward – is controlled with a switch on the steering wheel. A 12-inch control screen serves primarily for information viewing,

function selection or, optionally, camera monitoring. Navigation and handling are conducted by turning and pushing a control button. These clear features ensure comprehensive control of the vehicle. To increase safety, a birds-eye view camera or a rearview camera can be integrated. The size of the engine compartment has been reduced thanks to a compact, built-in exhaust gas system, resulting in a lower engine bonnet and ultimately an improved rear view. The whole driver’s cabin offers roll-over protection and is ROPS-certified. The interior of the driver’s cab is equipped with, among other things, a control screen (left). Photos: ZAUGG

Rolba overview

The Rolba series is outstanding in terms of quality and offers enormous clearance capacities of up to 8000 t/h. Powerful engines, finely tuned hydrostatic wheel and auger drive, variably adjustable steering and long casting distance make handling easy and enable efficient working. Depending on the model, they are ideal for clearing narrow streets, mountain passes and airport service areas.


  • Clearing performance 1,800 t/h
  • Clearing width 180/200/ 210/220 cm
  • Clearing height in one pass 130 cm
  • Ejection range up to 40 m
  • Turning radius approx. 4.8 m
  • Clearing speed 0.15 - 40 km/h
  • Engine output 170 kW
  • Fuel tank 150 l
  • Total weight approx. 8,000 kg