Premium-class lift-off

Individual comfort in the 3rd dimension


The future of transportation depends on the cable – at least if you believe the transport experts.

More and more frequently, urban cablecarsystemsarediscussedasan extension to urban transport. These systems are at the forefront not only in terms of availability and transport capacity but also with regard to comfort. Who has not experienced the morning crush on public transport?


Buses and underground trains at this time are more than just nicely filled, and even trains often have no seats available. By contrast, this problem is unheard-of in spacious cable car gondolas.


Conveniently and comfortably,youfloatoverthehectic bustle on the ground. In the gondolas, you have enough space for a quick read of the daily paper or to enjoy the fantastic view. Yes, the cable car can do much more and offers individual comfort.


No two cable cars are alike: the length, gradients and geographical conditions differ depending on operating location. That is why a flexible system has been developed, which can be easily adapted to small variations. Such a dynamic design method is a major consideration for Swiss cable car manufacturer BARTHOLET, including in the design of its vehicles.

If desired, the gondolas can be fitted with an entertainment system.


Together with Porsche Design Studio, BARTHOLET has developed the modernandcomfortablepanoramic gondola in the design by Porsche Design Studio. The gondolas should be customisable to any customer requirement. Starting with the seats and continuing right through to the external surface, there is great design scope with BARTHOLET.


The individual seat cushions with back pads can be provided with various soft, robust materials, such as Alcantara or Nappa leather and the alternative bench seats are available in wood or ball felt as well as synthetic leather and Alcantara.


The colour design both inside and outside can be individually tailored to the customer’s specifications – and with a logo. Heated seats for cold days or air conditioning and covers for UV protection on hot summer days are just a few of the possible equipment features, which ensure that the gondolas can be perfectly tailored to the respective target group.


One important requirement for an urban transport system is that there is enough space for every target group. Gondolas from BARTHOLET are therefore equipped with a wide doorway and barrier-free alighting area. Inside, there is enough space for a pushchair, wheelchair or bicycle.


The extra-large panoramic gondola windows are available in a choice of polycarbonate or safety glass and guarantee an exceptional sense of space, with an unparalleled all-round panoramic view. During evening journeys, a sophisticated lighting concept inside and outside ensures the necessary visibility.

Visual integration

However, in this day and age, it is not only the technology but also the appearance that must be right. Station buildings are designed such that they blend into the landscape and thus produce a harmonious image. Even the vehicles become part of the urban landscape.


Thanks to its collaboration with Porsche Design Studio, BARTHOLET is able to offer the premium sports car of gondolas. The visually attractive vehicles are exceptionally comfortable but also meet all the requirements in terms of safety.


In the audiovisual sector, for example, the gondolas have an audio system, intercom facilities and video cameras. In addition to the mandatory safety functions, the gondolas can also be fitted with an infotainment system.

Covers at the windows inside or outside mean that objects cannot fall or be thrown out when the windows are open. Photos: BARTHOLET



A display as well as MP3 connections on the bench seats can allow video or image playback and inform passengers of important procedures. If required, the versatile gondolas can be fitted even more luxuriously, with VIP equipment.


Here too, there are no limits to the imagination: anything is possible, from extensive entertainment provision to a Champagne fridge. The special feature lies in the fact that a vehicle can be transformed into a luxury VIP gondola in just 30 minutes. The modular construction kit is easy to install, ensures a classy ambiance and is also a selling point for the operator.


The modular nature of BARTHOLET gondolas makes the concept of the urban cable car particularly viable for the future, as the gondolas are easy to adapt with new functions, so that passengers can enjoy the best service at all times. tm