Hurray, it´s snowing!

Urban snow - theme parks 365 days a year

The SNOW-INDUSTRIES team has been engaged in the development and production of snowmaking systems employed for diverse purposes both indoors and outdoors for over 20 years. Its wide product portfolio includes a variety of technologies that enables the company to offer worldwide custom-made solutions, as well as systems for all kinds of applications, regardless of the surrounding climatic conditions.

A magnet for visitors: Flachau Winterwelt at the CentrO Christmas market, Oberhausen. Photos: SNOW-INDUSTRIES


SNOW-INDUSTRIES brings snow to people – often also to “exotic” environments such as Abu Dhabi, Athens, Cape Town, Jakarta or Macau. Its proven technology systems, which have been safeguarding winter sports events for decades and enable snow to be experienced in urban areas year-round, include the SnowBOX snow machine and the new patent-pending SnowFALL Technology.

Fixed or mobile systems

The systems used by the company are independent of the surrounding conditions and enable snowmaking in temperatures of up to +35°C. They are available in various standard versions as fixed or mobile units and can also be made by request with individualized capacity and design. Below are two examples of successful events carried out in urban areas using the SnowBOX Technology with a 100% snow guarantee.

SkiStar Swedish Open (Schweden) in July at 30 degress centigrade

Sweden of course is known for its cold and long winters with enough snow. But in summer it is a scarce commodity even here. At the occasion of the 70-years’ anniversary of the ATP tennis tournament in Bastad (Sweden), the main sponsor, SkiStar, organized a ski race for the legends. Thousands of fans watched legends such Ingemar Stenmark, Anja Pärson, Mats Wi- lander, Björn Borg and Tommy Haas hurtle down a slalom course in July, at a temperature of almost 30 degrees centigrade and under prefect snow conditions. For years, SkiStar, as ATP’s main sponsor, has relied on SNOW-INDUSTRIES’ know-how and the performance of its snow machines which deliver onsite as much snow as required—even at summer temperatures.

A ski race took place in July at 30°C. Photo: SNOW-INDUSTRIES

Flachau Winterwelt at the Centro (Germany)

Oberhausen’s Centro is Europe’s largest metropolitan meeting place for shopping, adventure and leisure. The Christmas market held here every year is a magnet for tourists coming to the Ruhr area. The Flachau Winterwelt, also located here, with its snow ramp, children’s snowmobile coasting slide and great gastronomy including Aprés Ski Parties guarantees wintry Advents with enough snow and ultimate fun. Since Oberhausen is situated in one of Germany’s warmest regions, the SnowBOX is employed here as well. It has been providing guaranteed snow for the annual Winterwelt for the past 17 years.

Snow at the touch of a button

SNOW-INDUSTRIES offers a variety of systems for all kinds of applications, e.g. in ski areas (making snow for slopes and depots), wellness areas (snow rooms, snow showers and snow fountains) and for industrial applications. Thanks to various technology offerings and a new patent that can produce snow in reproducible quality at the touch of a button, the R&D division SNOW-INDUSTRIES of IAG, a special purpose machine manufacturer, has become a valued partner for numerous special applications within the industry.


When even professionals cannot tell the difference between natural and artificial snow, not just with regard to how it looks but also how it feels and behaves, the next level of machine snowmaking has been achieved with the new patent-pending system. Further information is available on the internet at: