Great performance

The Koblenz cable car is more than a tourist attraction

The Koblenz Cable Car, also known as the BUGA Cable Car, is an aerial cableway that soars over the Rhine in Koblenz. It was originally built by the Vorarlberg cable car manufacturer DOPPELMAYR as an attraction and environmentfriendly means of transport for the 2011 Federal Garden Show. Meanwhile, however, it has become so much more than just a tourist attraction.

Photos: Skyglide Henry Tornow


Since June 2010, the cable car has been connecting facilities on the Rhine at the Basilica of Saint Castor level with the plateau in front of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. It is Germany’s first triple cable car. With its 18 cabins, it has a remarkable transport capacity of 3,800 persons per hour in each direction. With a UNESCO permission obtained in 2013, the cable car can be further operated at least until 2026 – to the locals’ great joy as it had not been clear for a long time whether the operation would be extended at all.

A ride with the BUGA cable car over the Rhine and up to the fortress Ehrenbreitstein belonged to the highlights of the Garden Show visitors’ program. Between April and October 2011, more than 5.9 million rides were conducted during 185 days and 2270 operation hours. The operator of this installation is Skyglide Event Deutschland GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Austrian company DOPPLEMAYR.

An important urban means of transport

In the meantime, however, the cable car has become more than a tourist attraction. Both local residents and tourists use it as a means of transport to get comfortably and without a car to the numerous cultural events held at the fortress. And those living at the fortress plateau use it daily as an urban means of transport, for example to get to work.

Sharing joy over the award (left to right): Niklas Bolenz (Rhineland-Palatine Tourism), Meike Steinmetz, Eugen Nigsch (both Koblenz Cable Car), Angela Kaiser-Lahme, Katja Frensch, Alexandra Becker (all Directorate General Cultural Heritage of Rhineland-Palatine), Stefan Zindler (Rhineland-Palatine Tourism). Photo: Skyglide

“The number of season tickets sold proves how important the cable car is for locals,” emphasizes the chief executive of Skyglide, Eugen Nigsch. What’s more: as he further explains, residential development at the fortress plateau may grow in the upcoming years. The city plans to build another residential area here, at a place where military grounds were formerly located.

Eugen Nigsch, Skyglide Chief Executive

„For a long time now, the Koblenz Cable Car has been more than a pure tourist attraction. Many Koblenz residents use it as a means of public transport, whether to get to work or attend an event. After all, there can hardly be anything better than this sustainable and clean means of transport. Thousands of cars would be the alternative.“

Certified for quality

The fact that the cable car is so popular with passengers is not only due to the experience and views the ride offers. The services provided are particularly appreciated. The operation has recently been awarded a “Service-Oriented Enterprise, Service Quality, Germany, Level II” certificate. Without hiding his pleasure, Nigsch points out that it makes the Buga cable car the only cableway in Germany with this award. Quality Management System structure their internal operation procedures and optimize their activities by implementing appropriate, self-developed measures.


The quality certificate is valid until 2020 and the service quality annually enhanced by further measures. The chief executive of Skyglide explains: “This is how the quality of our service is continuously being improved.” In order for the enterprise to continue prospering, however, the following is most important: a team spirit, cross-industry cooperation and the staff’s commitment.

Photo: Skyglide Henry Tornow