Lubricating with Motorex

Alpine Cable Protect is a special re-greasing agent for cables which efficiently protects the cableway’s wire cables from the effects of wear and weather, thereby increasing their service life. The product is pre-diluted with a special solvent in the factory, resulting in very good application. Once the solvent has evaporated, a thin, highly adhesive, water-repellent protective film is formed. It has also proven its worth during application on anchor cables and the area of windlasses and reels of the track cable reserve.

MOTOREX produces more than 2,500 different oils and lubricants for diverse industries at Langenthal (Switzerland).


lubricant, Alpine Cable Protect offers numerous advantages. It prevents corrosion and inner wear of wire cables, extends their life cycle and is neutral in contact with the most common cable pulleys and sheaves. It is fully compatible with common basic cable lubricants and needs to be applied in small quantities only twice a year. Alpine Cable Protect may be applied only to dry and cleaned wire cables. It should be applied using a sprayer at temperatures from plus ten degrees centigrade. The solvent evaporation time needs to be observed before the installation is put into operation.

Greasing bearings

Lubricant 3800 TS is a lithium grease for urban cableway bearings that are exposed to harsh operating conditions and great temperature differences. Thanks to its high oxidation resistance, the product is highly shear stable and water resistant. The grease offers excellent protection from corrosion, superb adhesion capability and resistance to high temperatures and pressure. It allows for extended lubrication intervals.

MOTOREX’s chemists constantly tinker with lubricants for cableways. Photos: MOTOREX

Servicing hydraulic systems

The hydraulic oil Alpine Corex Polar S370 has a very high viscosity index which means that it becomes thinner at very low temperatures and thicker at high temperatures compared to common hydraulic liquids. In addition, this special hydraulic liquid is able to immediately and efficiently separate penetrating condensation water or the finest snow particles from the oil and deposit it on the tank bottom where it can be well drained.


This universally applicable hydraulic oil is thus best suited for cableway hydrostatic drives and stand-by drives. Its red color helps to reveal immediately possible leaks. Alpine Corex Polar S370 can be applied at an extremely wide range of different temperatures and is fully compatible with all standard seal materials. Thanks to its good air release capacity, it also does not build any foam.

Taking care of cable saddles

Top Glide is a special lubricating grease used for cable saddles – but also for other lubricated areas outside or in contact with water exposed to slow movements under very high loads. Top Glide is a special light lubricating grease produced from fully synthetic base oils. It has excellent high-pressure characteristics in the mixed friction range (slow movements under very high loads), thereby efficiently preventing wear.


It also prevents the jerky stick slip effect of the track cable on the cable saddle which can cause unwanted vibration at the mast. This product is water-, snow- and UV-radiation- resistant, does not engage with non-ferrous metals and does not form any hard deposits. In addition, Top Glide adheres also to wet surfaces, is compatible with all common rubber and synthetic materials and has a very good thermal resistance.

Individual lubrication plans

All MOTOREX products are incorporated in an integrated and efficient plan prepared for the given customer. The plan includes, in particular, on-going support and consulting, for example by way of preparation of individual lubrication plans with oil analyses or application tips for care and maintenance. ts Further information at: www.motorex.com