First triple-cable lift in China

A new magnet for visitors: Doppelmayr opens cableway to Lushan

Lushan is one of China’s most famous spots and a very popular trip destination – for locals and tourists alike. With the purpose to improve its infrastructure and increase visitor comfort, the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group had the privilege of implementing a modern cableway here. The very first triple-cable aerial lift in China opened to the public on 27 July 2017.

The DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA Group had the honor of marking another milestone in the cableway industry: it completed the very first triple-cable aerial lift in China. The lift leads to Lushan, the country’s very popular place for leisure tourism. Everyone that visits Lushan benefits from the area’s extremely pleasant climate. It is always cooler here than in the lower-lying areas around the city of Jiujiang.


Thanks to that, Lushan is a perfect spot for relaxation, especially at the height of summer. Numerous guest-houses and hotels, as well as an extraordinary natural scenery, invite you to linger and enjoy.


The new cableway significantly increases comfort for the guests. It will be operated both in summer and winter and will replace the buses going to Lushan over a distance of nearly 15 kilometers along a very winding road. The triple-cable lift represents a detachable circulating system that has been carefully selected for installation in Lushan.

This area was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in the 1990s. With the 3S-cableway, it was easy to span the protected area: a cable span of nearly 1,600 meters which suspends freely between two towers has been put into operation by the cableway engineers. Given also the required transport capacity, this was the only cableway system that met the enormous demands.


The client is the Jiujiang Lushan Mountain Cableway Operation and Management Co., Ltd. When finished, the triple- cable lift should transport as many as 4,000 persons per hour to Lushan. It will provide easy access to the Mount Sanqingshan National Park offering a steadily ascending marathon through lush forests, past waterfalls and fantastically shaped rock formations.


The 230-square-kilometer large park is situated at an average height of 1,000 to 1,800 meters above sea level and because of this range in heights, it comprises both subtropical, and maritime- influenced territories with rainand conifer-forests.

Presently, construction of another 3Scableway is already in progress in China. Like the 3S-cableway in Lushan, it will set a new trend in China’s tourism. And it is confirmed again: a cableway is an outstanding means of transport to get to sights, leisure areas, or cultural monuments. In this context, it enjoys great popularity especially in Asia. Numerous Chinese hotspots, such as the Chinese Wall, are already accessible with a cableway.

  • 30-TGD Lushan
  • client: Jiujiang Lushan Mountain cableway
  • operation and management co., ltd
  • site: Lushan, Jiujiang (China)
  • inclined length: 2.864 m
  • height difference: 873 m
  • transport capacity:
  • 3.000 Persons per hour
  • in each direction (initial status)
  • 4.000 PERSONEN per hour in each direction (status uppon
  • cabins:
    29 cabins FoR 30 PERSoNs
  • 39 KABINEN For 30 PERSONs
    (status upon completion)
  • speed: 7.0 M/S
  • transt time: approx. 5,7 MIN