Adliswil - Felsenegg cable car (LAF) bets on lubricants from Motorex

With over 220,000 passengers, 20,245 rides and 1,600 operating hours per year, the Adliswill-Felsenegg cable car is in high demand. Connecting Adliswil near Zurich with the Felsenegg excursion area, it operates some 350 days per year. The cable car can guarantee such high availability thanks in part to lubricating agents from the Swiss manufacturer MOTOREX, whose products the cable car operator has switched to.

“With over 18,675 passenger rides and 1,579 service rides, our cable car is in high demand all year round. To avoid disruptions, passenger inconvenience or even standstills, proper maintenance and care is of utmost importance,” explains Patrick Zimmermann, Head of Technology and Operations with Adliswil-Felsenegg Cable Car. Built in 1954, the installation is an important connection to the natural recreational area of Felsenegg near big-city Zurich (Switzerland). This Swiss aerial lift was twice completely renovated, in 1997 and in 2008. It runs from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in winter, and from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in summer, 350 days a year. Five staff members are needed to oversee the operation of its two cabins that transverse a height difference of 306 meters.

Patrick Zimmermann, Head of Technology/Operations:

“We have been exclusively using MOTOREX products since 2014. Everything from a single supplier – that was our goal. Such bundling has a lot of advantages, especially for small cableway businesses. It simplified maintenance. Our team now uses fewer lubricant types for more areas of application whereas before we had to choose from a multitude of products made by various manufacturers. And not only that: thanks to MOTOREX’s fast customer service, we have minimum storage costs, too. Last but not least: I can recommend MOTOREX also for their cableway technology know-how.”


The cable car normally runs every 15 minutes but when demand is higher, the intervals shorten. It was also this high utilization rate that made its operator switch to a single lubricant supplier in 2014: MOTOREX, a Swiss family business with long-term experience in the field of cableway lubricants and oils with its headquarter in Langenthal.

The upper station is the starting and destination point of many hikes.

A lubrication plan

“MOTOREX proved its excellent knowhow in cableway technology already during the tender. They provided us with a lubrication plan – a detailed list of products, applications and indications of quantity. In terms of price, performance and quality, their offer was unrivaled,” says Zimmermann. Since switching to MOTOREX, he and his team have been using fewer lubricant types for more areas of application than before.


That simplifies maintenance: they don’t need to track information about a multitude of products made by various manufacturers all the time and make difficult choices. Storage costs are also lower because MOTOREX’s customer service is fast and deliveries can be made in just a few days. “It is also important to realize that small cable car companies, such as ours, are only interesting for the lubricant manufacturer if they purchase sufficient volumes. Only then can they get quantity discounts,” adds Zimmermann.

100 liters oil per year

He and his team annually use around five kilograms of the lubricating grease MOTOREX Alpin Top Glide for the cable car’s support cable shoes. Cable sheaves, disk drives etc. are lubricated with Motorex 3800 TS – also five kilograms per year. “On the other hand, the quantity of oil varies depending on the needed amount of revision works.

Motorex-Öl Alpine Gear Oil SAE is used for the gear-box. Photos: Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg


On average, we use 100 liters per year,” states Zimmermann. Whether it’s oil for the gear-box, engines or cables, MOTOREX’s lubricating agents demonstrate the company’s extensive experience in the cableway technology with more than just their names. As Zimmermann confirms: “Once, we had problems with the lubrication of a cable saddle on the tower. Due to the type of grease we then used, the cable did not slide smoothly over the saddle, it vibrated a lot. The MOTOREX team recommended to us a different lubricant which solved the problem immediately.” ts

There are 30 parking spaces available at the lower station.

Adliswil-Felsenegg Cable car


  • Capacity 345 P/h/dir.
  • Speed 6 m/sec
  • Lower Station 497 m
  • Upper Station 804 m
  • vertical Rise 307 m
  • Average Incline 341 ‰
  • Line Length 1.048 m
  • Towers 1
  • Towers Height 44 m
  • Max. Height 60 m
  • Transit Time 5–6 Min.
  • Cabins 2 (31 P.)