Emergency rescue

Evacuation off urban cableways

What happens when a cableway stops and can no longer run due to a technical defect or another reason? By far not every technical issue calls for a rescue; still, the operator must be prepared for the worst. Clear legal requirements apply when passengers need to be rescued. A well-thought-out and well-structured plan of the rescue action is of key importance.


The conditions for a rescue from an urban cableway are very different from those connected with traditional cableways. Populated areas with buildings and streets underneath the cableway’s route make access to the trapped passengers more difficult. Moreover, it is usually not possible to bring the passengers directly down by rope; rather, they have to be rescued along the cable.

Unlike common cable carriages which cannot be used on level or ascending cable spans, IMMOOS’s cable rescue carriage SS1 is perfectly suited for this work. Photos: IMMOOS

Cable rescue carriage SS1 for special situations

The rescue expert IMMOOS can offer the perfect rescue tool for such situations in the self-propelled cable rescue carriage SS1. It enables the rescuer to reach the blocked cableway carriage without the help of a second person.

The urban cable car operating in Madeira already relies on a rescue plan prepared by IMMOOS.


SS1 can be used even on level or slightly ascending cable spans as a motor drive can be attached to it. While level or ascending cable spans are rarely present on traditional cableways, they occur quite frequently with urban cableways. And although standard cable rescue carriages are of no use in such cases, cable rescue carriage SS1 is perfectly well-suited. Thanks to its motor drive, the carriage can handle inclines of up to 20 degrees. The motorized SS1 is the ideal rescue carriage even in situations where the passengers cannot be brought down, vertically or diagonally, by rope but have to be rescued horizontally along the cable.

A rescuer on SS1 can tow passengers with the help of special additional equipment. But IMMOOS also has another possible solution in store: the use of cable winches. With its many-years’ experience in the area of cableway rescue, IMMOOS is the perfect partner for you to plan and implement a tailor-made solution to handle any challenges. ts

Only well-trained rescue staff can evacuate an urban cableway within a reasonable period.