Dear Readers,


it has become traditional that at the INTERALPIN show, you can read an English-language issue of our Si magazine. This year, we decided to issue an English-language version of our new Si Urban magazine to accompany it.


The industry, soundly anchored in the mountains, is increasingly conquering urban areas as well. More and more points of interest can be accessed comfortably and safely using cable transport systems. It is about time to get the cable transport system industry with its innovative and environment-friendly products into the focus of planners and decision makers, traffic experts and politicians in the cities as well.


Discussions have been going on in many European cities about the chances of preventing ground traffic breakdown by installing elevated public transport lines. Cable transport systems are a viable alternative. Not for every city, not for every application. Especially in places where room is limited, where obstacles need to be overcome, where the traffic situation calls for a fast and cost-effective solution, though, cable transport systems are worth a consideration.


Read in our new magazine how cable transport systems can improve cityscapes and the quality of life and what the experts say.


Enjoy our new information platform. It is meant to contribute to decision makers and manufacturers, planners, consultants and traffic experts closing ranks.


Gerald Pichlmair