Cableway plans in the capital of Rwanda

In construction of urban cableways, Africa generally lags behind other continents, like Asia or Latin America. This is just one of the reasons why plans to build a cable car network are being eagerly prepared in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali.


Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is situated in a highly sloped region. The construction of roads to open up all remote areas within the city is economically and socially unfeasible. Kigali’s population is growing larger day by day and its traffic problems are getting worse, putting the government under increasingly more pressure.

Foto: Adobe Stock


As construction of new roads, especially in areas with hilly topography, is quite expensive, traffic congestion and long lines of passengers waiting for buses present every-day challenges. Serious air pollution is another problem.


Could urban cableways bring relief? Researchers Leopold Mbereyaho (from the University of Rwanda), Alexis Nzapfakumunsi (University of Sakarya) and Dushimimana Aloys (University of Samsun) looked for an answer to this question. In their study on the use of aerial cable cars as an alternative means of public transport, they identifed areas with mobility issues, analyzed their respective topography and proposed suitable routing.


As a result, five cableway lines were proposed. “Our examinations have shown that construction of a cableway network in Kigali would be cost e ective and technically feasible,” confirm the researchers in their report published in the International Journal of Applied Engineering Research.


The most utilized line, Line C, would cost some 14.2 million euros. Whether and when the plans will be implemented is not yet clear. ts

Proposed Metro-Cable lines

  •  Line A starts from Kimisagara hill, continu- es to Maison des Jeunes Kimisagara, then to G.S Cyaha and ends in Gakinjiro.
  • Line B leads from Kacyiru Car Park to Gacuriro Apartments.
  • Line C connects two car parks, Downtown and Nyabugogo..
  • Line D leads from Remera Amahoro Stadi- um to Remera Car Park and EARR church.
  • Line E stretches from Makuza House via Kigali City Market to Downtown Car Park