Cable Transport System at Cabárceno, Spain, Nature Park


Visitors of the Spanish Cabárceno nature park can enjoy experiencing the gigantic zoo from above. In comfortable cabins, they float high above 120 different animal species such as elephants or hippopotamuses and cross lakes and forests. Rather than exploring the park by car, on foot or by bicycle, panoramic windows grant a perfect view of the animals.

Cabins with glass bottoms are a special attraction. Thanks to the lines‘ extraordinarily energy-efficient, zero emission drive systems, this mode of transport is also very environment-friendly. During installation, the cables were in part pulled by drones so as not to disturb the beasts.


A zoo of superlatives


The world’s largest elephant enclosure covering more than 21 hectares (52 acres), the world’s largest bear protection area and the largest gorilla enclosure in Europe: The Cabárceno Nature Park in the Cantabria province in the north of Spain is more than just a zoo; it is cable transport system at cabárceno, spanien, Nature Park a zoological garden of superlatives offers a generous habitat to more than 1,200 animals from five continents. Until recently, visitors only had the options of exploring the park using their own cars in a 20 km (12 ½ mi) drive, walking or by bicycle. The two gondola lines installed by LEITNER ropeways now afford visitors with a special experience. They get spectacular views not only of the beasts but also of the neighboring city of Santander. As the stations are located on hilltops, visitors‘ views can range for many kilometers or miles. In order to keep disturbances for the beasts at a minimum, special technical means were used to facilitate cable installation. As a first step, a drone pulled an auxiliary cable from tower to tower where the terrain was out of bounds for workers.


Using the auxiliary cable, the installation team pulled a somewhat thicker cable, followed by one even heavier, and so on until finally the traction cable weighing several tons followed. Using this ancient technique avoided having to disturb bears or hippopotamuses. Low noised and emissions in the nature park thanks to DirectDrive and LeitDrive The two independent but directly connecting eight-passenger gondola lines are 3,795 and 1,061 meters (12,451 and 3,481 ft) long, respectively, covering vertical heights of 158 and 101 meters (518 and 331 ft). The system’s transport capacity amounts to 1,000 passengers per hour at a maximum speed of 4 m/s. Between them, the two lines have four stations. A technical highlight of these lines is their equipment with DirectDrive and LeitDrive. These innovative drive systems from LEITNER ropeways feature particularly low energy consumption, correspondingly low emissions and greatly reduced noise. The first line features three angular stations, forming a triangle. This allows makes three key areas of the park. Two cabins with glass bottoms are a particularly popular attraction. Beasts, operators and visitors substantially benefit from the new cable lines.