Cable cars for Berlin

More and more districts of Berlin seem unable to get enough of these cable-drawn solutions. Transport planning for urban regions is a crucial issue in order to be equipped for the future; an urban cable car is seen as the ideal technology for this in many places.


In the borough of Treptow-Köpenik, a cable car to Müggelsee – Müggelturm – Bammelecke is being discussed, and Blankenburger Süden, Karow or Buch may be suitable for stations in the borough of Pankow.


Whilst the decision-makers are still struggling with the idea of an urban cable car, borough mayor Benn can certainly envisage this still unusual solution for the new neighbourhoods in Pankow. In Berlin, cable cars could be used if various railway lines were to be connected outside the S-Bahn suburban railway ring. Experts generally recommend making the best possible use of existing transport zones, as there is often resistance to routes over residential areas.