Busan Air Cruise: Benefits for tourism and local traffic


Busan is not only South Korea’s second largest city. Busan is a reflection of the future, an urban adventure found directly at the Sea of Japan. Busan is surrounded by wooded hills, beaches, hot springs and is famous for its seafood. But the city is also home to one of the most important ports, a living space for 3.5 million people, and a No. 1 industrial center. It is here that a new DOPPELMAYR circulating gondola lift, Busan Air Cruise, has been built for the purposes of local transport, leisure and tourism.

While discussions about the use of ropeways as part of urban traffic solutions are becoming increasingly frequent - but also increasingly prolonged - in Europe, environmentally and economically sound action is being taken elsewhere. A number of new urban ropeways has emerged especially in Asia. While helping to solve traffic issues, they are also an extraordinary touristic attraction.


The all-around view from the light-permeated OMEGA IV cabins made by CWA is not their only exciting feature. A sensational view of the sea underneath can be enjoyed in 13 out of the 39 cabins through their glass floor, making the riding experience even greater for those with no fear of heights.

Look into the Depths


This was also the reason why DOPPLEMAYR, implementing a gondola lift dream of its customer, Daewon Plus, had glass floors installed by the cabin manufacturer CWA in 13 out of its 39 cabins. A magnificent all-around view opens up not only through the large glass surfaces of the OMEGA IV-cabin walls. Watching the busy action on the sea underneath is also quite a thrill.


The gondola lift runs from Songdo Beach located a mere three kilometers from the downtown Busan, over Songdo Bay to a leisure park. For decades, the area around Songdo Beach in Busan has ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in the Republic of Korea. City dwellers like to come here in the summer to escape the routine and heat of the city. The new gondola lift is an attraction and a means of transport at the same time and it offers an unforgettable experience.

The grand opening of the installation in Busan (Korea) took place on June 20, 2017. The lift, supported by two towers located directly in the sea, transfers guests from Songdo Beach across the Bay to a leisure park while offering a ride full of magnificent views. 

Twice Special


Even for an experienced ropeway manufacturer like DOPPLEMAYR, this installation presented a special challenge: the two towers have been built directly in the sea. The constantly changing sea-bed situation called for multiple calculations taking into account diverse factors that cannot be weighed or evaluated with exactness. But that is exactly where the strength of this Vorarlberg enterprise lies. Another special feature of this project is a simultaneous opening of a small ropeway museum. The Songdo Doppelmayr World tells a story of how ropeway-visions developed from the start in the early 19th century until today. ah

Thomas Pichler, DOPPELMAYR’s general manager, congratulates Choi Sam Seob, President of Daewon Plus Group in Korea, on the opening of the 10-MGD Busan Air Cruise.   

10-MGD Busan Air Cruise, South Korea

  • Customer: Daewon Plus Constructions Co. Ltd.
  • Inclined length: 1.645 m
  • Vertical rise: 54 m
  • Speed : 5,0 m/s
  • Capacity: 1.400 Pers./h
  • Carriers: 39 10-passenger cabins, incl. 13 with glass floor
  • Carrier supplier: CWA
  • Rope supplier: Fatzer
  • Opening: june 20, 2017

 The Songdo Doppelmayr World was open simultaneously with the new gondola lift. It offers guests an insight into the history of ropeway technology. Its interactive and educational offer, along with various exhibits, provide for an informative and diverse visit for adults and children alike.