Big plans for the colliery site


A research institute for new technologies, companies that will create 1,500 jobs, and a cable car system from the railway station to the old colliery site: these are the ambitious plans of the German city of Herne in North Rhine – Westphalia. Photo: Archwerk Generalplaner KG, Bochum

New life is soon to be breathed into this decommissioned colliery site in the Ruhr district, as the city of Herne is planning a new technology centre on the former industrial site. At the moment, it is still a vision but according to initial sketches, the first Herne International Technology World will be created on the site, which is the size of around 40 football pitches.


The eye-catcher will be the 100-metre- high office block and the passarelle, a building that will stand partially on stilts in the water. One day, up to 1,500 people will be able to work in the planned technology centre. Even in the transport to the tech. hall, the thinking is “futuristic”.


The plan is for a cable car around 1.2 kilometres long, which will connect the nearby Wanne-Eickel railway station to the centre. The cable-drawn transport will later fly over the tracks at a height of 100 metres. Moreover, wherever possible, there will be green planting beneath the route.


This measure and the investment in a cable car are seen as a small commitment to climate protection. The cable car is perfectly suited to acting as a connection here. For one thing, the railway line represents no problem for the system and a single- cable circulating track system would guarantee constant availability of the transport facility as well as a high transport capacity.


The system will be powered by eco-friendly electricity; the low environmental footprint and low CO2 emissions mean that such systems are perfectly suited to urban transport. However, so that the major project can actually be implemented, a precise financing plan is required, which is why an intensive search for investors is underway.


The industrial area is not yet owned by the city of Herne but rather belongs to RAG Montan Immobilien. Also, because of its previous use, the site falls under mining law and would have to be reclassified before the start of construction. tm