Jakob AG

Beauty and Safety in Balance

What contemporary architecture and statics achieve can be seen in numerous courageous big structures. What meets the eye is often only their breathtaking outer skins not what makes these buildings safe, facilitating their erection in the first place.


Safety invariably gets top priority. Where masses of people gather in sports arenas, on bridges and towers, in streets and shopping malls, the construction needs to protect visitors. This is a difficult task as the buildings‘ aesthetics should not be compromised. It is always a question of balancing beauty and safety. JAKOB in Trubschachen, Switzerland, can offer precisely that. This company is specialized on this. Iflishalle is a multi-purpose hall in Langnau, Switzerland. In its center, the ice hockey players of the SCL Tigers attract quite an audience every week. The hall is used for congresses and music events and many other functions as well.


The experts from JAKOB were asked to finish the thoroughly renovated main building in key areas such as the indoor ice rink and the staircases with webnet architecture made of stainless steel cables. Protection and a robust design were called for but a translucent, transparent and trouble-free solution was equally important. Today, this hall is an architectural gem. With its webnet elements manufactured in-house, JAKOB created convincing safety barriers in the staircases and lined the hall including its suspended ceiling with an attractive webnet The two images show finest JAKOB cable architecture at Sihlcity in Zürich, Switzerland.


The adjacent bar and restaurant rooms were also fitted with a steel mesh artfully knit using architectural cables. Each solution is individually designed; there is nothing routine about JAKOB installations. The colors, sizes and properties are variable; all webnet productions in the AISI 316 materials group are fully aligned with the requirements of the individual project. There is one aspect that is always right: The material is free from corrosion, which makes it extremely durable.


“After 30 years”, the company’s boss Peter Jakob assures us, “It will still look new.” On the site of an abandoned paper mill in Zürich, Switzerland, investors built Sihlcity, an ultra-modern shopping center complete with boutiques, restaurants, cinemas, discos, hotels and a multi-storey parking facility. An area of 100,000 m2 (25 acres) was built over to accommodate 20,000 daily visitors. JACOB’s impressive webnet technology excels at Sihlcity. The stainless steel meshes provide people in the staircases with guidance and support while freeing the purpose- built concrete architecture of its entire rigor with its delicate playfulness.




The two images show finest JAKOB cable architecture at Sihlcity in Zürich, Switzerland. Photos: JAKOB AG