First Bartholet Direct Drive successfully in operation!

A technology with many advantages to reconcile economy and ecology. BARTHOLET's Direct Drive differs clearly from the direct drives already available on the market.


Conventional drive systems consist of a motor and a gearbox. With the Direct Drive developed by BARTHOLET, the power transmission goes directly to the pull wheel, the risk of a gear breakage is eliminated and maintenance-intensive components such as cardan shaft and gear are completely eliminated.



The modular motor can be configured according to the power output. If a stator segment fails, it is possible at any time to isolate it and to continue operating the system with a correspondingly reduced conveying capacity. The modularity of the drive allows a configuration of power reserves.
BARTHOLET Direct Drive with insight into the technology. Photos: BARTHOLET


The engine was designed in such a way that helicopter transport of the individual components is guaranteed without any problems. The weight of the heaviest element of the Bartholet Direct Drive (a stator segment) is only 1.3 tons and the main bearing of the rotor is on top. Good accessibility to the individual maintenance points is ensured.
Increased efficiency and the elimination of the gear result in annual energy savings of around 20 MWh for tourist applications and up to 100 MWh for urban applications. This corresponds to an annual consumption of 5 to 30 households. The improved energy efficiency saves the operator costs and also protects the environment - an important decision criterion!