Back and forth on Lake Zürich

The plan for a cable car over Lake Zürich has actually been stopped for the present by a court order. However, the instigators from ZKB are undeterred by this and have announced that they will take the fight for the ZüriBahn to the next highest authority.


The cable car planners from ZKB have indicated that the December ruling has been examined. 



Two key points were criticised by the construction appeal court: first, the cable car plan had not been sufficiently democratically legitimised – there was no entry for it in the cantonal structure plan; secondly, the court emphasised the “special protection” of the lake.


Martin Scholl, CEO of ZKB, rejects the specific criticisms of the court: “Following our investigations, we believe that no entry is required in the cantonal structure plan and that the project has been sufficiently legitimised.” Furthermore, as “Tages-Anzeiger” newspaper quotes the CEO, the lake basin cannot be regarded solely as a natural recreation area. The lake offers a broad range of experiences – and: “ZüriBahn fits in well with these.” It will emerge in the coming weeks whether the much discussed cable car has now been finally rejected or can yet be realised.