Award-winning Poma cable car in India


“Skyview” is the name of the latest attraction in the Indian adventure destination of Patnitop. The cable car from French manufacturer POMA starts in the middle of the park and runs to the other side of the valley.

Patnitop in the Indian federal state of Jammu and Kashmir is a region with an exceptional climate and tourist environment. Close to the religious sites of Sudh Mahadev and Mantalai as well as the major cities of New Delhi, Chandigarh and Amritsar, Patnitop benefits from cultural wealth and natural resources.


In addition, there are facilities for tourists, such as summer toboggan runs, zip wires, spas and Yoga centres. Since June 2019, “Skyview” has represented the latest attraction. The 2.5-kilometre cable car is not only a means of transport; it also offers a breath-taking view of the valley and its pine forests, in places to a depth of 65 metres.


Awaiting passengers at the summit station are a panorama restaurant and a hotel. Eight stanchions – four of which in steellatticeformwork–bridgeaspan of 835 metres.


The tallest stanchion is 56 metres high. These very stanchions were the key challenge for the installers from POMA. Nonetheless, the project was completed within two and a half years – possibly a record- breaking construction time for India.


As with most orders, POMA provided training for the operating staff in its UPilot training programme. The aim: all operators should feel safe and prepared for their cable car.

Skyview Patniop

  • Length 2.581 m
  • Transport capacity 1.200 P/h/R
  • Altitude difference 645 m
  • Travel speed 5 m/s
  • Number of gondolas 25
  • Gondola capacity 8 P.
  • Stanchios 8
  • Stations 2

UPilot: digital cable car training

The staff have been trained with UPilot, an online digital training platform based on a 3D cable car simulator, which offers learners interactive e-learning modules and assessment tools.


In the urban or non-Alpine environment, teams that are going to operate systems in the future are not always experienced in the area of cable car transport. The operating personnel therefore need to be trained before the system enters into operation.

Best adventure destination award

The good cooperation between POMA and cable car operator Empyrean Skyview Projects Private Limited (ESPPL) has now won an award. Skyview Patnitop received India’s “Best Adventure Tourism Destination Award 2019”.


The prize is awarded to attractions that have a significant, innovative and successful impact on the Indian tourist sector. According to the jury, that was clearly achieved by “Skyview Patnitop”. ts Photo: POMA