Approval granted for Aizawl


According to official sources, the Indian city of Aizawl will soon be able to construct the desired cable car projects. After a review of the feasibility study and the planned route, the desired green light will be received from Dehli soon.

The city is located on a mountain ridge and, owing to its central location and easy accessibility via the airport, it is a meeting point for the population of the surrounding mountains and valleys. In the city, however, this catchment area repeatedly causes difficulties on the roads.


The present traffic situation in Aizawl, capital of the Indian federal state of Mizoram, is a daily test of residents’ patience. With two cable cars, the aim is now to facilitate greater mobility once again and easier movement within the capital.


The mobility project has long been the subject of discussions but the idea is now gaining a tailwind from Delhi. According to one official, one of the two planned cable car projects is to be constructed on the north- south corridor and will thus connect Durtlang, the northernmost district of Aizawl, to Kulikawn in the south.


The second system will form an east-west corridor, according to the official, and so connect Thuampui in the east to Solomon’s Temple in the west of the capital. The cable car network therefore covers all four points of the compass and should consequently calm the overcrowded roads.


In a further step, it is hoped to integrate a Skywalk, which should be less a traffic-calming measure and more a tourist attraction. With this structure, the hope is to attract visitors from all over India and beyond the borders of the country.


The cable car would also have a special feature, as it would mean creation of the longest cable car in Asia within the Indian state, if the north-south connection can be implemented as planned. Nonetheless, an official spokesperson stated that the increased mobility is a key aspect of the project in addition to the added tourist value.


The precise funding plans are not yet being discussed publicly but assurance has been given that financial resources for the project have already been provided. tm