Georg Town

After the funicular, will there alse be an arial cable car?


There has been a funicular running on Penang Hill since 2010 – a destination near the Malaysian city of George Town. In addition, the government is now planning to develop an aerial cable car on the mountain.


The funicular on Penang Hill will soon have a “sister” in the air. Photo: Penanghill.gov

With the construction of a cable car, the people responsible hope to create an alternative, independent access to the mountain destination, for example in case the funicular is not working, as reported by online portal Asia One. The new connection will be implemented within the Penang Transport Master Plan and the government is providing a converted value of around 21.9 million euros for the railway.


If things go to plan, construction work on the cable car could begin at the end of this year, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says, and he adds that feasibility studies for the project are already underway. The next step will be a full technical study. The cable car is intended to connect the summit to the botanical gardens in the valley – requiring eight to ten supports.


The lower station is located near Penang Rifle Club and the upper station at the entrance to the treetop walk. Chow is convinced that the cable car project will generate tourism growth and jobs: “The facility will alsospreadthetrafficanddivertthe crowds during peak holiday times.”


In addition, Chow highlights the eco- friendliness of the planned cable car – such as in its relatively low carbon footprint, low noise and air pollution along the route and only minimal impact on the environment, both during construction and during operation.


“All over the world, national parks, conservation areas and UNESCO world heritage sites have already introduced the cable car system, because of its benefits. Some of these locations even have more than one cable car system,” the Chief Minister says.


Here, among others, Chow is referring to the cable car systems in the Wet Tropics of Queensland (Australia), the Great Wall of China in Mutianyu (China) and FujiHakoneNationalParkinJapan. “There are even cable cars in botanical gardens, such as the famous cable car in Funchal, capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira,” the Chief Minister concludes. ts