Africa as growth market



For SKIDATA, the FIFA world cup in South Africa was the impulse to enter this new market. The access control system on Table Mountain was delivered by them already in 1993 but they have the major football event to thank for their rediscovery of the market. FIFA relied on the Austrian company to deliver access systems for stadiums and the Austrians seized their opportunity to participate in the development and shaping of the African market.



SKIDATA has established its permanent presence in South Africa with demand from some large African cities already surpassing that from the USA. This has lots to do with the frequent use of mobile phones as a means of payment in Africa while paying by credit card, the payment method preferred by Americans, is rare here.

Flying high

Demand for cableways is also high. Algeria, in particular, holds the lead. DOPPELMAYR has been active in various African countries for years and has had the opportunity to build its good reputation both with tourist and urban cableway installations. The Moses Mabhida SkyCar in Durban is one example. Mounted on a chassis, the SkyCar is a single cabin that runs along the northern bend of the stadium on steel tracks.


From its highest point, one has a magnificent view of the whole area. The special design of the cableway’s arch, which ensures that the car does not roll down pulled by its own weight, is quite interesting. With this uniquely-developed system, the subsidiary DOPPELMAYR TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGY has already secured several orders for ropeway material transport in South Africa.

Foto: POMA



A pioneer in Tanzania

Tanzania is among one of the poorest countries in Africa with a large income gap between urban and rural areas and a high level of dependency on agriculture. However, thanks to the discovery of new resources, including gold, diamonds and natural gas reserves, Tanzania’s economy has grown almost seven-fold over the last twenty years.



This not only gives the country hope but is also gradually putting it on the radar screen of foreign businesses. The Viennese company INTERCONT is one of them. This international transport company first positioned itself in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city. The Viennese are convinced that to win the market, one has to be patient but there is great potential especially in the fields of agriculture and road reconstruction. The French, too, are paying attention to the African market. The cableway company POMA has already implemented several projects in Northern Africa.

Business for Afrika

While traditional development assistance was a dominant feature in the past, experts can now see a path towards establishing business relations. It seems that the time of development projects has come to an end and self-help is now considered the best kind. Experts agree that business activity will deliver a boost to the African economy in the future.


Many European businesses clearly share this view as increasingly more projects are being implemented in Africa. In the long-term, solutions, know-how and attention to quality are what is going to score on the African growth market; and these are areas in which European enterprises are far ahead. POMA, SKIDATA, DOPPELMAYR and INTERCONT – these are only a few examples of companies which have already demonstrated that the African market offers future opportunities in various sectors.