A ropeway in the middle of Moscow!

In its transport plans for the future, the government of the city of Moscow is betting on ropeways as a comprehensive means of public transport. The first, already implemented project, is the Téléporté Mixte from BARTHOLET Seilbahnen. The project combines gondolas and chairs and consists of two sections and three stations. Kosygina station, located on the hill “Vorobyovy Gory“ – or “Sparrow Hills“ in English – is the highest point in the city, offering a magnificent view of the metropolis from its look-out platform. During this year’s FIFA World Cup, the fan zone was located precisely here.



The middle station is Novaya Liga and the end station Luzhniki, the Olympic stadium. As the final station, in particular, is expected to see an increased numbers of passengers, special attention has been paid to ensuring convenient travel also for passengers with impaired mobility. Thanks to an elevator built directly at the stop, they can get to the stadium quite easily.>

Highly polished stainless steel panels offer a special visual highlight for arriving fans. Quality of life and urbanity has much improved over the last few years in this giant city of 12.5 million and the ropeway project should improve it even more. During the impressive ride from Kosygina Station down to the Olympic stadium, the guests can enjoy a splendid view of the Olympic stadium, the Moskva River and, of course, the sky-scrapers of Moscow City. Then they pass the middle station where one can get on or off. Their next view is of an impressive, oblique Y-shaped waterfront support tower before they cross the Moskva River at a height of 30 meters.

The gondolas were developed by the Porsche Design studio in cooperation with BARTHOLET.

But it is not just the views that are spectacular but the installation itself, too. Once again, the Swiss ropeway manufacturer BARTHOLET Seilbahnen has convinced with Swiss quality, top precision, refined technology and market-shaping innovation in Russia. From production to assembly, metrology and quality control to the finished cabins, everything to the thousandth of a millimeter must be perfect. The design of the 35 ultra-modern 8-seater gondolas was developed by the design studio “Porsche Design” in cooperation with BARTHOLET Seilbahnen.

Their equipment includes, among other features, interior and exterior lighting, monitors and a video-surveillance system. In addition, the gondola seat benches have MP3 outlets so that the guests can be entertained not only visually by the nice views but also acoustically. If needed, two VIP gondolas can be integrated in the installation as well. The cable car running to Sparrow Hills provides access to an inner-city ski area.


This is why in winter, skiers can be transported in the second section of the ropeway on 4-seater chairs. To be able to move the chairs in the middle station for operation only in the second section, BARTHOLET Seilbahnen has developed the so-called “fast switch“ – an innovative solution combining urban transport with ski tourism in one facility. Even before this installation was built, there used to be a 2-seater chairlift from 1953 which ran from the middle station to Sparrow Hills and was mainly used by skiers and ski jumpers.


Since the ski jump no longer complies with international standards, now, after the ropeway has been launched, it will also be newly built. A school for winter sports should be established here, too. Although the linear distance between Vorobyovy Gory and Luzhniki is only 700 meters, one has to count with a detour of 6.5 kilometers and at least 15 minutes when driving a car.


The ropeway will be used not only as a means of public transport but also as a tourist attraction and passenger transport for winter sports. To make sure everyone enjoys the ride, the developers had to accommodate the needs of both target groups in terms of the construction and design of the installation.

Téléporté Mixte: detachable installation combining 8-seater gondolas with a design by the Porsche Design Studio and 4-seater chairs on the same route


  • Number of vehicles:
  • summer: 35 gondolas
  • winter: 29 gondolas and 10 chairs
  • Cabin type: 8-seater gondolas and 4-seater chairs
  • Rope: 46mm/8x25 Filler Wire Compacta
  • Route length: 703 m
  • Height difference: 60 m
  • Travelling speed: 3.0 m/s
  • Transport capacity summer:1,600 p/H
  • Lower station altitude: 133 m.a.s.l.
  • Upper station altitude: 193 m.a.s.l.
  • Supports: 9
  • Drive: 80Kw/120kW
  • Clamping system: detachable