Cable Liner in Moskow


Travelling a distance of more than two kilometers (1 ¼ mi), the Cable Liner links the northern and southern terminal building complexes of Russia’s busiest airport.

Monorail Systems for cities, tourism sites and airports


Imagine relaxing in a modernly designed train, gliding through the city above the streets and traffic congestions, while enjoying a spectacular view of the skyline with all the comforts you could need. This is no longer a dream! It can become reality in any city within a short amount of time: A monorail mass transportation system will provide exactly this feeling for passengers as well as tourists. Monorails represent the newest generation of transport technology and have already been proven to be reliable in a number of future-oriented cities around the globe.

Minimetro relieves commuter traffic congestion in Pisa


With the official opening of the MiniMetro PisaMover on 18 March 2017, LEITNER is heralding a new, sustainable era of mobility. The 90,000-inhabitant city in Tuscany currently suffers from immensely high levels of traffic, with commuters, tourists and students doubling the population figure. However, a new age is dawning: PisaMover will relieve the Tuscan city of almost all commuter road traffic.