La Paz

Growth for the largest urban cable car network in the world

The world’s longest and most famous urban cableway network already consists of nine lines providing fast connection in the city. Since the launch of the first line in 2014, gondolas of various colors have become a part of the city skyline and a popular means of transport, as well as a city attraction.

Although the cableway already connects distant parts of the city, the network continues to grow. A new important connection was added in September 2018, the “Línea Morada” or the purple line. This eighth cable line from DOPPELMAYR has established an express connection between the centers of La Paz and El Alto, allowing residents to get from the center of one of the two major cities to the center of the other in just a few minutes, a fact that is reflected in the express line’s motto: “de Corazón a Corazón” (From Heart to Heart). As Línea Morada forms a bridge between La Paz and El Alto, passengers also call it affectionately the “Línea EnaMorada” – the Enamored Line. 

To the airport in two sections

The new Línea Morada from DOPPELMAYR runs in two sections and also offers locals a quick and easy connection between La Paz and El Alto as well as the international airport. Passengers can travel from the Obelisco station in the center of La Paz, to the Faro Murillo intermediate station to the 6 de Marzo terminal station in the immediate vicinity of the airport in just 16 minutes. Driving the same distance by car in regular traffic may well take up to one hour.
With a total surface area of 10,000 square meters, Faro Murillo, the new multifunction Station in El Alto, is the largest station building within the entire network. The reason is that it will become one of the network’s most important transfer stations in the future. The Línea Morada and, later, the Línea Plateada will be integrated here. Following the latter’s completion next year, passengers will be able to strike out in all four directions from the Faro Murillo station, making it a major central hub between both cities.

Few could imagine a cableway taking them to work like a bus before the cableway project was started in 2014 in La Paz. Despite that, this Bolivian example clearly shows that such an installation can tremendously drive progress in a major city. 

The DOPPELMAYR’s largest urban cableway network world-wide not only reduces travel time for residents but also ensures a safe and reliable arrival to their destinations in a short time. 

So far La Paz’s transport network includes 27.9 kilometers of lines and nine cable lines of different colors. The latest route opened on December 20, 2018 and is called the Línea Café. This route is currently the shortest within the network, with 27 cabins and two stations, connecting the Línea Blanca station on Busch Avenue in the city district of Miraflores with another station at Villa San Antonio. Surveys show that the Bolivian capital’s residents love their air-borne means of transport and support its further development. With the complementation of the final Line „Línea Plateada, (the silver line) the second phase of the world´s largest urban cable car networt will be completed for the austrian ropeway manufacturer DOPPELMAYR.