Urban cable cars

The perfect solution! But to what?

All over the world, cable cars are being brought into play as the perfect solution to urban mobility crises, generally promoted by highly specialised consulting and engineering companies. Feasibility studies in almost endless numbers usually – and unsurprisingly – conclude that a cable car is technically feasible and can also be financed under certain framework conditions. But why are only few studies actually implemented? ILF Consulting Engineers, project developer for urban cable car projects, has examined this question.

Steambeast - the dirt killer

New ZAUGG technology in the fight against stubborn dirt

The dream of a responsible citizen who cares about the cleanliness of his city, or a visitor who shows consideration for the beauty of the host town, is still alive. But it is just not visible in daily life. Technology is needed to help us keep our public space attractive and hygienic. ZAUGG has newly defined such technology with its Steambeast.

Encarnación & Asunción - two cable car plans at once in Paraguay


Unlike other South American countries, Paraguay does not yet have an urban cable car. However, corresponding projects are under discussion both in the capital, Asunción, and in the border city of Encarnación.

Mumbai: From east to west

From Malad to Marve and from Borivali to Gorai

Commuters from two Indian suburbs have every reason to be happy, as their route to work should be made easier by the construction of cable car systems. Residents had already previously demanded a solution to their daily mobility problem.

Graz mobility concept - an austrian city prepares for the future


In Graz, they are hoping for a transport turnaround. Greater e-mobility and an improved public transport system are on the cards here. To make these goals achievable, the Styrian capital is carefully weighing up all the options.

Cologne - Cable Car to connect the exhibition centre to the main railway station


Under the name “Skytrain”, Cologne is planning a cable car to cross the Rhine, as a “commuter terminal” parallel to the famous Hohenzollern Bridge.