Edition 2/19

  • Three cities, three Plans India in cable car fever
  • uP Bus Sometimes it drives, somethimes it hovers
  • What does a cable car cost? An economic analysis

Edition 1/19

  • Cable car region Frankfurt? Multiple plans for the Metropolitan region
  • Success factor cable car! A Interview with Claudio Büchel
  • Cabins, gondolas & Carriages:  When does one use which model

Edition 2/18

  • A cableway for Boston: Specific plans fpr the US metropolis
  • Mobility - Issue of the future: Interview with the expert Michael Hanita
  • Safety on cable: About irrational fear of cableways


Edition 1/18

  • Cableway for Göteborg: Concrete plans in the swedish metropolis
  • The future of mobility: Interview:Trend researcher Marianne Reeb
  • A cableway saves money: Financial advantages of urban cableways


Edition 2/17

  • Cableway as a cure? Discussions in Rome and Jerusalem
  • Braking new ground:: A Mobility Lab tests cableways
  • Cableways in motion: Emotions at OITFAF-Congress


Edition 1/17

  • Traffic Jams are toxic: Interview: ICLEI-Manager Sunny Kodokula
  • The future depends on the rope: Prof. Monheim about urban ropeways
  • The need to lead the transition: Global Public Transport Summit (UITP) in Montréal