Africa as growth market


Africa is not seen as a promising market by many yet but success stories have been written here already.


What do the world’s cableway manufacturing market leader DOPPELMAYR, the access system expert SKIDATA, the Viennese transport company INTERCONT and the French cableway manufacturer POMA have in common? All of these European enterprises have achieved outstanding positions on the African market. Using different methods, they have all seized the immense market opportunities on the continent of the future.

Mobility-an issue of the future?


With constantly changing humans’ demands, the expectations regarding their environment change as well. Cities are no exception. They must be able to accommodate the wishes and needs of both the present and future generations. In an interview with SI, mobility expert Michael Hanita shares his views of the developments that cities will experience in the future. .

Academy of sustainable urban mobility


Cities play a key role in the economic and social development of a country. Especially in developing countries, tremendous potential lies in a functioning infrastructure. The rapid rise in passenger cars leads to increasingly more frequent traffic congestion and a poorly-functioning public transport system brings little relief. The Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility, established by the UN-Habitat and DOPPELMAYR, should promote development of urban transport solutions for the 21st century.

The functions of a cableway


As a supplement to public transport a cableway can resolve many problems related to city traffic.

La Paz

International Mobility Congress

Decision-Makers discuss integrated public transport solutions during the International Mobility Congress in Bolivia.

UITP: "The art of public transport"


This is how the transport sector has come to know the UITP Global Public Transport Summit. With almost 130 years of history behind us, the UITP biennial Summit is a truly global occasion that remains the world’s biggest event dedicated to public transport and sustainable mobility.